Magic Kingdom Parade Happy Times Create Healthy Profits

Owning Stock in a “Fun” Business Means Sharing In …

Families enjoying wonderful days loving Disney World… Grandparents taking grandchildren to enchanting Harry Potter parks (Universal Studios/Comcast)… Couples cruising to exciting destinations worldwide (Carnival) … People booking fabulous resort vacations online with Expedia or Priceline… Friends enjoying a great restaurant meal after discovering it from a terrific review on TripAdvisor… Shoppers buying fishing equipment, ATVs, and the like at Cabelas…Thrill seekers loving their motorcycles (Harley-Davidson) and snowmobiles (Polaris)… And everyone posting their “fun times” pictures on their Facebook pages…

There are so many more ways businesses can make our lives “fun.” From first run movies (e.g., Star Wars/Disney) at theaters (AMC) to streaming movies (Netflix) to vacations near and far, cruises to exciting places (Royal Caribbean), new dining experiences (Yelp), and “fun-generating” equipment (Recreation Vehicles/Winnebago Industries), business are making billions from the insatiable appetite of consumers worldwide for experiencing “happy times.” Shouldn’t you own and profit from some of these businesses where you too are spending your “fun times” money? You can when you own a Fun Stocks Portfolio™, and Invest Better Spend Smarter (IBSS) can help you easily build your own Fun Stocks Portfolio™– at no cost.

Remember – “Happy Times Create Healthy Profits” Jim Tso   (more…)

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Who Is Jim Tso and What Are His IBSS Goals?

Jim spent over 35 years as a personal financial advisor using his experience as a college counselor, management consultant, investment analyst, lawyer, and portfolio manager to help families and individuals to achieve their financial success. He created this (IBSS) blog/website – after coming out of retirement – as a way to “give back” for all the opportunities he has been given since immigrating to America as a young boy.

IBSS is a free blog that is supported by advertisers. Jim’s goal is to provide free unique and proprietary financial information and tools to help you achieve your financial goals at all stages of your life. Plus he wants to donate profits generated from IBSS to charities – and because of his family’s and his own experience with cancer – especially those that are engaged in cancer research and treatment. Your clicks on our advertiser/sponsor links that interest you will help Jim achieve his goals.

We hope that you will register to get a free subscription so we can share great ideas that can benefit you and your family. Thank you.

“Sharing your wisdom – to serve others – creates lasting legacies.” Jim Tso

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