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Spend Smarter – What Do We Mean?

Here at (IBSS), our goal is to show you how to invest better and spend smarter. Have you noticed that sometimes after you’ve purchased a product or service you experienced the following…

  • Felt a bit cheated by a product that did not live up to the advertisement?
  • Found out that a lower cost product was available that could have saved you money—making you feel foolish?
  • Followed a recommendation from someone that did not reflect the negative aspects of the transaction?

These are generally not how one wants to feel after making a purchase.

On the other hand, have you ever…

  • Found a product or service that was better than you expected based on the advertising – making you feel elated?
  • Purchased a product that felt like a great value, even without any discounts?
  • Experienced satisfaction in a service so much that you raved about it to your family and friends?

Each week, we will share information that will help you, the consumer, consistently get more for your money. IBSS will be reaching out and working with vendors to help you have more choices and better value. For example, we hope to:

  1. Give our subscribers the tools that will help them to pay prices (including discounts) that are fair, not overblown
  2. Provide consumers a forum for expressing pleasure or dissatisfaction with products, services and the purchase experience as a whole
  3. Make recommendations that truly reflect the opinions of customers
  4. Share information about customer satisfaction that will help you and our network of consumers make more informed purchase choices.

Most consumers want to feel as though the money they spend is spent smartly. Here at IBSS we strive to help consumers and subscribers to be smarter (and happier) about the financial decisions they make.

The IBSS Team

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Jim Tso wants to “give back” and share his 35+ years of successful personal money management experience to help others to achieve their financial goals. Jim created this InvestBetterSpendSmarter blog (IBSS) to provide you with free investing, planning, savings, retirement, and inspirational tips derived from his unique, innovative, and proven approaches to money management. He welcomes and appreciates your feedback.

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