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invest better, spend smarter blog published by eSagePrime.

 1 .    What are eSagePrime Company and eSagePrime.com?

Answer: eSagePrime Company (ESPC) is the name of our parent corporation. eSagePrime.com (eSP) is the name (URL) of our website, which is being prepared now and will launch in the future. Both are founded by Jim Tso, who has degrees in business, urban studies, and law. Jim has over 35 years of financial and investment experience helping individuals, families, and businesses to better manage their finances. ESPC plans to launch additional websites related to our “Spend Smarter” mission in the near future.

2.   What is InvestBetterSpendSmarter.com?

Answer:  InvestBetterSpendSmarter.com (IBSS) is our blog, which also represents our dual mission to help people to invest better and spend smarter in ways that will make a difference in their lives. You are now reading these FAQs on our IBSS blog.

3.   How will Invest Better work?

Answer:  We will present information and ideas on better ways to invest your money that can achieve satisfying results at various stages of your life. It is up to you to apply the information in ways that benefit your particular situation.

4.   How will Spend Smarter work?

Answer:   We will share our proprietary “Spend Smarter” tools (when available) that could help you to reduce costs and achieve savings that are meaningful. For example:

  1. Discounts for travel, hotels, restaurants
  2.  Lower interest costs in credit cards and mortgages
  3. Special deals that represent high value

 5.    Is there any cost of InvestBetterSpendSmarter.com?

Answer:   No, you can subscribe for free. All you need is a primary email (one you check every day).

6.   What are the main features of the InvestBetterSpendSmarter.com blog?

Answer:   Here are some of the main features:

  1. Helpful financial information covering financial planning, stocks, 401k’s, retirement issues, owning a business, and others
  2. Useful ideas on how to spend smarter using discounts, savings, best-rated deals
  3. Fun contests and games with prizes (when available)

7.   Are you a broker and can I open an account with you?

Answer:   We are not a broker and we have no accounts. You are welcome to open an account with any broker you wish and use the ideas and suggestions we will present. Any execution of stock trades, mutual funds, and exchange-traded fund (ETF) purchases can be accomplished by your using an independent broker who charges low commissions.

8.   In the logo, what does the red oval with the number 15 mean?

Answer:   The red oval represents the Spend Smarter side of our mission and the number 15 represents the number of proprietary consumer confidence tools we have created and which will be available later. All of our 15 tools are designed to help consumers/subscribers have more power over their buying/spending experiences.

9.   In the logo, what does the green investment graph mean?

Answer:    The green investment graph represents the Invest Better side of our mission. It emphasizes the importance and benefits of simple and smart long-term investing

10.   What is an eSPIBSS Ambassador and how do I become one

Answer:    eSPIBSS stands for the combination of our future website (eSagePrime.com/eSP) and our current blog (InvestBetterSpendSmarter.com/IBSS). We are designing our formal program for subscribers to become eSPIBSS Ambassadors now. Until this is ready, you can be an “unofficial Ambassador” by sharing our IBSS Blog with any and all of your contacts (of all ages and incomes) who can benefit from our free services. We are confident that they will appreciate your kind thoughts towards them.

11.    What does Empowerful Consumer Confidence Tools.com (EmC2) mean?

Answer:    EmC2 is the Spend Smarter side of our mission. Our goals are to create and share proprietary empowerment tools for our subscribers to save more, especially with “big ticket” purchases, and to enjoy more with high value/high quality buying choices.

12.  How do I sign up to be a subscriber to get your email alerts?

Answer:    Please go to the “Subscribe for free” box on any page of this blog and give us your primary email ( the one you check everyday) so that we can send you helpful timely information that could benefit you. Also please give us some information about yourself in the “Tell us about yourself…” information box so that we may better serve you.

(Please read our full Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Disclosures, and Terms of Service. )

 Welcome to eSagePrime/InvestBetterSpendSmarter.com (eSPIBSS)
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Jim Tso wants to “give back” and share his 35+ years of successful personal money management experience to help others to achieve their financial goals. Jim created this InvestBetterSpendSmarter blog (IBSS) to provide you with free investing, planning, savings, retirement, and inspirational tips derived from his unique, innovative, and proven approaches to money management. He welcomes and appreciates your feedback.

Jim would also appreciate it if you would kindly share our IBSS website and blogs with your family, friends, and business associates. Thank you!


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