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Why I Started IBSS

My friends and family keep asking me, “Jim, why did you start eSage Prime/InvestBetterSpendSmarter.com (IBSS) and related businesses?” Well…

About a year ago I was happily drifting in my kayak trying to catch dinner (not!), then there was this “aha” moment, and I realized that my parents didn’t take risks and make sacrifices as immigrants so that I could spend the next phase of my life just searching for scaly creatures. The thought of a life of leisure wasn’t all that thrilling…I wanted a cause!

Jim Tso founder of IBSS and eSagePrime at play.
Kayak fishing, beautiful Indian River Lagoon

After checking out numerous ideas and suggestions from caring friends and family, I decided to create a low-cost, results-oriented new model for people to learn and take action, giving them tools to invest better and spend smarter in ways that could really make a difference in their lives. Thus the birth of eSagePrime Company (ESPC), the “online self-directed money manager.”

ESPC and its related business entities are the culmination of all my years, the wisdom that many have shared with me, and experiences that I have had the privilege and honor to be a part of. Rarely does a person get a chance later in life to “give back” to the country and people that have given him and his family so much.

With gratitude in my heart, it is my sincere hope that the ideas and suggestions from our team of dedicated experts and passionate professionals will indeed make a difference in your life.

I look forward our new relationship… We want to make a  real difference in your life!

Jim Tso

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Jim Tso wants to “give back” and share his 35+ years of successful personal money management experience to help others to achieve their financial goals. Jim created this InvestBetterSpendSmarter blog (IBSS) to provide you with free investing, planning, savings, retirement, and inspirational tips derived from his unique, innovative, and proven approaches to money management. He welcomes and appreciates your feedback.

Jim would also appreciate it if you would kindly share our IBSS website and blogs with your family, friends, and business associates. Thank you!


  1. Julian Ackert July 26, 2013 at 8:44 am -

    Hi Jim & Yvonne! So excited to see that you’ve got a new venture! I hope that you both get everything you want from it and are enjoying life to the fullest!

    I miss you both,


  2. Terry Green July 24, 2013 at 3:09 pm -

    Hi Jim & Yvonne – Congratulations on this new venture. I wish you great success; it seems already heading in that direction! I am very excited for you and looking forward to hearing new milestones as you take your ideas into the future! Regards, Terry Green

  3. Susan Seidler July 24, 2013 at 8:08 am -

    Congratulations for taking this challenging step that you have been working so hard to implement . I believe that with your knowledge and intelligence this adventure will be a huge success.
    It looks and sounds terrific.
    Best of luck and don’t forget to leave some time for fishing.

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