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How I Will Celebrate Grandparents Day

The first Sunday of September (9/8 this year) was designated by President Jimmy Carter as National Grandparents Day. As the grandfather of two brilliant and beautiful grand girls (I am really objective…NOT!), I decided to celebrate this special day by reflecting on the wonderful, fun times I’ve had with our granddaughters:

  • The precious moment of utter joy when I first held each tiny grand girl in my arms
  • The sheer delight of carrying the younger one on my back at a garden park (she laughed hysterically when I hopped)
  • Walking around the house with the older one’s head on my shoulders to make sure she slept through her nap (for two hours – that kid could sleep!)
  • Seeing the happiness in their eyes as they run to hug us upon arrival at the airport
  • Watching their excitement and surprise on Christmas morning while opening presents from “Santa”
  • Sharing joy in their accomplishments at school and their music and theater performances (where did they get all those smarts and all that talent?)
  • Noticing the pride we feel whenever others compliment our grand girls
  • Laughing at their excited screams reeling in a fish they caught (the bigger the fish… the louder the screams)
  • Feeling confident that we are sharing with our granddaughters our best values that can help them be positive, productive, and caring persons.

These are some of my most enjoyable thoughts about being a grandfather. And on this Grandparents Day, I hope you can also reflect on your special moments with your grandchildren…for they are our greatest and most important investments.

Jim Tso

P.S. Many of you have experienced similar wonderfully joyous moments with your grandkids, and others will have all this to look forward to. There is a lot of truth to the funny notion that grandkids are so great, we should have had them first!

Please share some of your favorite grandchildren or grandparents stories in the comments below.

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  1. Terry Green September 14, 2013 at 9:02 pm -

    Years ago, I often would sing hymns to my first grandson (he was 3 at the time) at bedtime. I should first explain that my voice is very off-key and my singing not in very much demand generally. However, what I lacked in sonorous tone, I made up for in enthusiasm. And he would look up at me so earnestly and say, “Gram, sing this one in your BEST voice!” And I did! (He thought it was wonderful – reminded me recently (he’s 27 now!) that “you used to sing to me!”

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