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3 Free Financial Planning Gifts For You!

We are dedicated to helping our readers like you to achieve your financial goals no matter what stage of life you may be in. (IBSS) has created 3 free easy-to-understand checklists that anyone can use to plan or refine their financial goals. We are offering these to you, as our gifts, so that you may have more control of your money and may even avoid spending thousands of dollars on consulting fees with a financial planner.

 Our three gifts for you:

GIFT  ONE :   “15 Essential and New Money Rules for Achieving Financial Freedom,” which outlines five money rules for each of three age groups concerning the most important money issues they face: (1) what to do when you are young (around age 20), (2) when you start a family (around age 30), and (3) when you are looking towards retirement (around age 50). When you subscribe to our Invest Better Spend Smart blog, we will provide you this first gift.

GIFT  TWO :   “15 Essential and New Money Rules for Retirement and Beyond,” which articulates five rules for three separate categories of money issues that viewers who are retired or getting ready to retire must address.  The rules are separated into:  (1) Invest Better Rules,  (2) Spend Smarter Rules, and (3) Financial Planning Rules. When you provide us with some profile information to help us better serve your interests or priorities, you will receive this gift.

GIFT THREE :   “15 Essential and New Rules to Manage ALL Your Money,” for subscribers who want their friends and/or family members to benefit from learning what IBSS can provide for them. This gift is a different checklist of 10 “How to Invest Better” rules and 5 “How to Spend Smarter” rules that could help any person to achieve a lifetime of financial happiness and security. If you refer even one friend or family member’s email to us, you will receive this gift. Your friend or family member will receive a one-time email telling them that you kindly referred them to us and an invitation to visit and possibly subscribe to our IBSS blog.

our gifts to you from IBSS Each of these gifts has been created by our founder, Jim Tso, who used the skills he learned over 35+ years of helping people with financial planning and investment management issues. The short but effective rules in checklist form are direct and clear and if followed and used as easy reminders, could help you to reach your financial goals.

As such, their value will become more evident over time as you apply them to financial challenges throughout your life.

Have fun and enjoy,


Your IBSS Team

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Jim Tso wants to “give back” and share his 35+ years of successful personal money management experience to help others to achieve their financial goals. Jim created this InvestBetterSpendSmarter blog (IBSS) to provide you with free investing, planning, savings, retirement, and inspirational tips derived from his unique, innovative, and proven approaches to money management. He welcomes and appreciates your feedback.

Jim would also appreciate it if you would kindly share our IBSS website and blogs with your family, friends, and business associates. Thank you!


  1. Bill Fang September 10, 2013 at 12:23 pm -

    Would like to take advantage of these 3 tools/gifts but do not know how. I thought I was already a blog subscriber and had provided profile info.
    Commenting because the blog address says do not reply.

    • curator September 11, 2013 at 9:42 am

      Thank you for pointing out a “gap” in this program. We are working to resolve the issues and hopefully, you will have your 3 tools/gifts shortly. We appreciate your taking the time to communicate with us and hope you will continue to do so!

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