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My Optimal Asset Allocation Analyzer (MOAAA©) – Introduction

My Optimum Asset Allocation AnalyzerWhere should your investments be along the broad spectrum of all possible investments, and where do you feel most comfortable along that spectrum?  My Optimal Asset Allocation Analyzer (MOAAA©) can help you find out.

Risk Tolerance/Preference

To become a better investor, you need to know your risk tolerance and then tailor your portfolio to match it. One of the most common mistakes investors of all experience levels make is not having a portfolio that accurately and honestly reflects their personal feelings as well as their financial needs and goals. You may convince yourself that you are okay with having an aggressive stock portfolio when the market is up, but find that you cannot handle the exaggerated losses that come during an extended correction or major stock market crash (as happened in 2008).

To address these challenges, (IBSS) has created “My Optimal Asset Allocation Analyzer (MOAAA©),” a proprietary analysis tool to help you determine your best portfolio choice(s) from among our TSOA Freedom Retirement Portfolios or other similar portfolio choices. It is based on Jim Tso’s 35+ years of experience and the ideas of many professionals who practice financial planning and optimal asset allocation. The tool addresses where your investments should be and also incorporates your level of risk tolerance and risk preference.

MOAAA© is Simple to Use

Don’t let the long name of our asset allocation tool scare you. To use it, you do not have to know any scientific formulas or understand complex economic theory. All you have to do is answer a few simple multiple choice questions. There are no right or wrong answers.

MOAAA© uses some carefully conceived questions to cover the different characteristics that are most important in determining your investor profile and the type of portfolio that may work best for you. My Optimal Asset Allocation Analyzer assigns 1-5 points for each answer you provide. After you answer all of the questions, you total up the points and come up with a final score. Using the key at the end of the questionnaire, you match your score with one of five different portfolios.

A higher score indicates that you are best suited for an aggressive portfolio, while a lower score suggests that you should be in a low-risk, conservative portfolio. This process will help you to have confidence in the portfolio that may best serve you. However, if you have a strong preference to be even more aggressive or more conservative, you can also use the results as a baseline and override them to select a portfolio you prefer. In many cases, investors also choose more than one portfolio for different accounts to meet different goals.

How MOAAA© Helps

You will find that our MOAAA© is a unique tool to motivate you to conduct further research and help you better understand your present (and projected future) personal financial situation. It can be the beginning of a process to stimulate conversations you may have with a trusted financial advisor in order to achieve your optimal asset allocation. OR, it can help if you choose to self-direct your own portfolio management and thereby achieve tremendous savings in your financial advisory/money management costs. Once you learn how simple MOAAA© is to apply and why it is smart for you to use it, you can save thousands of dollars in fees each and every year that a financial advisor would charge to apply essentially the same methodology to manage your investment portfolio(s). Would the extra thousands of dollars in savings make a difference in your life?

MOAAA© can be applied to any accounts, whether they are employer-sponsored retirement accounts, IRA Rollovers, or taxable accounts at a brokerage firm. The TSOA Freedom Retirement Portfolio model we use to illustrate MOAAA© primarily applies to an employer-sponsored retirement account. However, this “TSOA” model can also be used for IRA Rollovers, Self-Employed-IRAs and/or taxable brokerage accounts.

Why not see how this process works now? Click on this link to get started with the My Optimal Asset Allocation Analyzer Tool©.

To your better investing,

Jim Tso

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