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My Optimal Asset Allocation Analyzer Tool©

Tool for Achieving My Ideal Portfolio(s)

My Optimum Asset Allocation AnalyzerAnalysis of age, assets, and personal risk tolerance versus personal risk preference and projected spending needs


  • Print this questionnaire and circle your answer to each question below. (Or click  here for printable format.)
  • Then add up the numbers associated with your answers and compare your total score with the Scoring Key at the end of the questionnaire to determine the best TSOA Freedom Retirement Portfolio model for you based on our MOAAA© tool.

(View  example  cases)

1. What is your current age?


2. How many more years will you work and contribute to a retirement plan, such as an IRA, 401k, 403b, etc.?

40+30+20+10+Less than 10

3. How well can you recover from a 50% loss of all your assets, including your retirement portfolio(s)?

No ProblemLittle ProblemSome ProblemWith DifficultyImpossible

4. How fearful are you of a 25% drop in the value of your retirement portfolio(s)?

No FearLittle ConcernSome ConcernMajor ConcernCannot Accept

5. How do you feel about the potential of a 25% gain in the value of your retirement portfolio(s)?

Love ItVery ExcitedExcitedConcerned/SkepticalCannot Believe It

6. What percentage drop in the value of your retirement portfolio(s) will adversely impact your ability to live your desired lifestyle in retirement?


7. What is the timeframe that you will need to begin taking money from any of your portfolios (including regular taxable accounts) to support/spend on your needs and wants (discretionary spending?)

15+ years10-15 years5-10 years1-5 yearsNow

8. How much would you need to withdraw from your portfolios each year to meet your needs in retirement? (Note: Current recommendations are 3-4% per year.)


9. What percentage of your spending needs should your portfolios generate? (Note: Current recommendations are no more than 25-40% per year.)


10. What is the likelihood that you will not need to (or if you are just starting out, not prefer to) spend any amount from your portfolios?

Most LikelyVery LikelyLikelyUnlikely (Will Spend Some)Very Unlikely (Will Spend Most)

11. How desirable is the goal of leaving some of your portfolios for your children and/or your grandchildren to inherit?

Of Prime ImportanceVery DesirableDesirableNot ImportantNot Desirable

12. Considering health issues, how many more years do you expect to live?

50+40-5930-3920-29Less than 20

13. How many more years do you expect your spouse or partner (even future) to live? (If you do not have or plan to have a spouse or partner, circle number 3.)

50+40-5930-3920-29Less than 20

14. How much do you desire or prefer fast growing, high risk/high reward investments?

Of Prime ImportanceVery DesirableDesirableDesire Only a Small PortionNot Desirable

15. How much do you desire or prefer slow growing, low risk/low reward investments?

Do Not Want to Own AnyPrefer a LittlePrefer SomePrefer MostlyOnly Want to Own These

Add up your score:  You can use the format below to help you add up your scores. Then refer to the Scoring Key below for the optimal TSOA Freedom Retirement  Portfolio model for you. For help, see Examples

Number of 5’s, 4’s, 3’s, 2’s, or 1’s
5 x  =
4 x  =
3 x  =
2 x  =
 1 x  =
 Total  =


Scoring Key 

 Total  TSOA Freedom Retirement Portfolios
 60-75  Aggressive Growth
 50-60  Growth with Value
 40-50  Growth with Income
 30-40  Retirement Income Cash Flow
15-30  Conservative Income Cash Flow

[ see  examples…]

Once you have completed analyzing the optimal asset allocation for your  portfolio please see some notes about “overriding and re-balancing” your portfolio.

Click here for the background on the MOAAA© Tool.

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