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Happy Times Create Healthy Profits

Owning Stock in a “Fun” Business Means Sharing In …

Families enjoying wonderful days loving Disney World… Grandparents taking grandchildren to enchanting Harry Potter parks (Universal Studios/Comcast)… Couples cruising to exciting destinations worldwide (Carnival) … People booking fabulous resort vacations online with Expedia or Priceline… Friends enjoying a great restaurant meal after discovering it from a terrific review on TripAdvisor… Shoppers buying fishing equipment, ATVs, and the like at Cabelas…Thrill seekers loving their motorcycles (Harley-Davidson) and snowmobiles (Polaris)… And everyone posting their “fun times” pictures on their Facebook pages…

There are so many more ways businesses can make our lives “fun.” From first run movies (e.g., Star Wars/Disney) at theaters (AMC) to streaming movies (Netflix) to vacations near and far, cruises to exciting places (Royal Caribbean), new dining experiences (Yelp), and “fun-generating” equipment (Recreation Vehicles/Winnebago Industries), business are making billions from the insatiable appetite of consumers worldwide for experiencing “happy times.” Shouldn’t you own and profit from some of these businesses where you too are spending your “fun times” money? You can when you own a Fun Stocks Portfolio™, and Invest Better Spend Smarter (IBSS) can help you easily build your own Fun Stocks Portfolio™– at no cost.

Remember – “Happy Times Create Healthy Profits” Jim Tso  

Fun Stocks Portfolio™

There is a great deal of money spent on personal and family fun, but did you know that you can profit from this high priority spending too?  Yes, you can profit from the happy times that companies create for you and many consumers.

Here’s how…

We have developed the Fun Stocks Portfolio™ concept precisely for this goal – to highlight to consumers and investors the opportunities to invest in the stocks of the very same companies where they spend money for their own entertainment, joy, and happiness.

Our Fun Stocks Portfolio™ is designed as a “real-life teaching tool” to help investors to achieve their financial goals. We use a “learn-by-doing” approach along with investing in businesses where most consumers have direct and personal experiences. Our ultimate goals are to help you make money and become better investors. All for free!

We Give You the Tools

Check out how you can use the Fun Stocks Watchlist™ to build your own Fun Stocks Portfolio™. You’ll see how you can potentially profit from investing in companies that are achieving healthy profits from creating happy times.

Use Our Stock Picks Instead

Another way to build your own Fun Stocks Portfolio™ is to use our free Stock Picks. Rather than decide which of the stocks in our Fun Stocks Watchlist™ to own, follow our recommendations of stock picks and see which ones fit the fun stocks criteria (i.e., Are they businesses, products, and/or services related to creating fun?). You can simply invest the amount that you are comfortable with into any of our Stock Picks using your own broker and watch them (hopefully) do well over time.

Whichever way you choose to build your own Fun Stocks Portfolio™, we hope you will have fun investing!

Jim Tso

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