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My Prayers and Thanks for a Successful Prostate Cancer Surgery


The Dreaded Diagnosis

A year ago, my GP (Dr. Harish Sadhwani) raised concerns about my rising PSA level as a possible indication of prostate cancer. Initially, I wanted to be in denial, but my urologist (Dr. Joseph Crawford) very strongly recommended that I have a biopsy, which I did last October and which did in fact reveal the presence of cancer. Even though there was no indication of spread, he indicated that I needed treatment, but again, I resisted the idea of dealing with this danger. However, a second opinion from Dr. Jeffrey Brady confirmed to me that surgery was the preferred option given my particular medical situation.

The Treatment

After extensive research and discussions with friends who had similar prostate cancer issues, I engaged Dr. Vipul Patel of the Florida Hospital Global Robotics Institute to perform a robotic prostatectomy on April 1st (no joke). The surgery was very successful and thankfully, the pathology report showed no evidence of the cancer spreading beyond the prostate so skillfully removed by Dr. Patel. It’s been 4 weeks now and I am well on the mend under the care of the doctor’s well-designed recovery protocol with the excellent guidance of his most caring and highly professional staff.

Your Health and Two Great Books

If you are a male or have loved ones that are male, please seriously consider the advice of your doctor if he or she recommends a PSA test. There are pros and cons around the PSA test, but at least in my case, I’m so glad I agreed to have it and then follow up with a biopsy despite my resistance to acknowledge and address the potential cancer. I recommend two books to include in your research: (1) Guide to Surviving Prostate Cancer by Dr. Patrick Walsh [considered the “Bible” on this subject – try to get the latest edition] and (2) Preparing for Surgery, Heal Faster by Peggy Huddleston [take control of your healing process using mind-body techniques].

My Prayer of Thankfulness

I give my most sincere thanks for the excellent skill of the medical professionals who cared for me and for the loving prayers and support of my family and friends. As I celebrate my 69th birthday this month, I have been given a “new lease on life,” and can now look forward to hopefully holding great grandchildren in another 10-20 years. In my gratitude for this blessing, I offer this Prayer of Thankfulness so that it may help you in your times of concern:

A Prayer of Thankfulness by Jim Tso

Lord, Giver of life, You provide whatever I need and more.

Your gentle guidance leads me to restful places that regenerate my being.

While dangers surround me, You protect me from harm.

Your presence reminds me to face fear with courage and faith.

Each day is a gift from You, each moment is a chance for me to serve others whom You bless.

Your love inspires me to love others as You love me.

Enjoying life, embracing your wisdom, sharing Your hopes will always guide me.

Confidently I will live in Your creations, forever thankful, forever joyful.  Amen.


In my next blog, I will discuss and offer current investment ideas in medical services, healthcare stocks, and healthcare REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts).

Till next time,

Jim Tso

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  1. Alan Northcott April 29, 2016 at 6:06 pm -

    Bless you Jim. You faced one of those little spoken fears, and are working through it. Wish you many more years of health.


    PS Like your prayer
    PPS I turned 65 myself last week, but my great grandchildren will be a long time coming!

  2. Bill and Vanee April 29, 2016 at 2:36 pm -

    Jim, thank you for sharing the details of your diagnosis and treatment. We wish you a continued excellent recovery and good health for years to come!

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