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eSagePrime/InvestBetterSpendSmarter can offer our advertisers a full range of services for advertising and marketing products and  services. Our unique solutions can be customized to include dedicated emails, editorial sponsorships, event sponsorship, content  integration, social media integration, custom marketing programs and much more.

Our subscribers are primary financial decision makers (male or female) who are highly motivated to achieve their financial goals. Based on marketing studies we have found key demographics about our targeted audiences:

  1. Primarily age 50 and over
  2. Family income range $50k – $250k
  3. Net worth range $25k – $5M
  4. Highest financial priorities
    1. Affording retirement
    2. Affording college for children
    3. Paying for travel and vacations
    4. Achieving financial freedom (accumulating wealth and paying off debt)
    5. Starting or owning a small business
  5.  High level of discretionary income and spending
  6.  Care a great deal about getting the best value
  7.  Cautious and aware consumers
  8.  Sensitive to environmental and ecology issues
  9. Seek simple but smart solutions to needs and concerns
  10. Heavy users of the internet for personal contacts, information and shopping

IBSS intends to strongly market its unique content to our targeted audiences and engage them in their financial decision making. The attached chart shows how we plan to implement our marketing plans for our IBSS blog.

Please contact us by filling out this form to discuss your interests in our full range of advertising opportunities and customized marketing solutions for your company.


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Jim Tso wants to “give back” and share his 35+ years of successful personal money management experience to help others to achieve their financial goals. Jim created this InvestBetterSpendSmarter blog (IBSS) to provide you with free investing, planning, savings, retirement, and inspirational tips derived from his unique, innovative, and proven approaches to money management. He welcomes and appreciates your feedback.

Jim would also appreciate it if you would kindly share our IBSS website and blogs with your family, friends, and business associates. Thank you!

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