Think of some fun times that you’ve had recently… Did you know you can profit from the same companies that provided happy times for you and your family? Why not invest in a little fun and happiness? Here is our very own stock index of companies that focus on fun but may also represent solid investment potential. Click HERE to learn how to build your own Fun Stocks Index, and click HERE to learn more about the Fun Stocks Index.

Nominate a Fun Stock for inclusion in our Fun Stocks Index.

 FUN STOCKS INDEX – Look for dynamic changes soon!IBFS-Fun stocks Index

Stock Symbol Company Stock Price 1/1/2009 Stock Price 2/28/2015 %
Current Dividend Yield (%) Price/ Earnings (P/E) Ratio Current IBSS Rating
 AXP American Express Co.
(Travel, Credit Cards)
 18.55  82.13  342.75%  1.17  19.8  HW
 CAB Cabela’s Inc.
(Sports Retailer)
 54.94  842.37%  -0-  25.1  HW
CMCSA Comcast Corp.
(Cable TV)
 53.81  218.78%  1.75  18.8  HW
 DIS Walt Disney Co.
(Theme Parks, Movies)
 91.93  305.16%  1.12  20.3  HW
 DISH Dish Network Corp.
(Satellite Entertainment)
 11.09  72.59  554.55%  -0-  39.9 HW
 DISCA Discovery Communications Inc.
(Discovery Channel)
 14.16  29.28  313.56%   -0-  33.5  HW
 DKS Dicks Sporting Goods Inc.
(Sports Equipment Retailer)
 13.04  52.74  304.45%  0.13  21.3  HW
 EXPE Expedia Inc.
(Online Travel)
 16.48 86.22  423.18% 0.82 51.4  HW
 FUN Cedar Fair L.P.
(Theme Parks)
 54.50  334.96% 4.81 41.8  HW
 LGF Lions Gate Entertainment Corp.
(Movie Production)
 5.50 28.29  414.36%    -0-  20.4  HW
NFLX Netflix Inc.
(Movie Rentals)
 441.06  1375.63%   -0- 612.5  HW
(Online Travel)
1013.03  1275.47%  -0-  31.8  HW
PNRA Panera Bread Co.
(Restaurant Chain)
 172.85  230.88%   -0-  30.9 HW
SNI Scripps Networks Interactive, Inc.
(Food & Travel Channels)
 71.75  226.14%  0.83  16.4  HW
TWX Time Warner Inc.
(TV, Entertainment)
 78.59  160.15%  0.29  19.0  HW
Total Index Price
 344.74 2412.99  683%  N/A   N/A   N/A
SPY S&P 500 Index (SPY/ETF)
201.92  133%  2.10  18.4  AS
% Gain/(Loss)
 N/A N/A  N/A
 N/A FSI  344.74  2412.99   683%  N/A  N/A  N/A
RATINGS KEY (Red indicates recent change in suggested action): AS = Accumulate Slowly, BN = Buy Now, HW = Hold & Watch, SN = Sell Now, SS = Sell Slowly. 


The Fun Stocks Index© is an index of 15 stocks selected as representative of American businesses which entertain, provide enjoyment, and create “happy times” for the consumer. Investors can submit stocks as candidates for the Index, and if the research confirms a stock meets the criteria, subscribers will have the opportunity to vote a stock onto the Index or reject it. Please review our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Disclaimer and Disclosures.

Nominate a Fun Stock for inclusion in our Fun Stocks Index.


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